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Facts You didn't Know about Sunflowers

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Facts You didn't Know about Sunflowers
29Oct 2021

Sunflowers and Their Magic

London FloristSunflowers are one of the most popular flowers in the UK. They are cheerful, and their bright colours make them irresistible. It is no wonder that they are hot contenders for flowers by post these days. Everyone wants a sunflower in their bouquet, and it is hardly surprising. No one can pass a bunch of sunflowers without turning their head in awe, but these awesome flowers not only look stunning, but they are also really cool for other reasons. Here are a few fun facts you might not know about sunflowers that will make you want to get these cheerful flowers delivered right now.

They are not Just Yellow

Many people are surprised to learn that there are many different varieties of sunflower, and they are not all yellow. Many people assume they are called sunflowers because of their colour, but we will discover in the next point, that is not the case. So what other colours are there? There are red versions, called Red Sun; pink, which is officially called Strawberry Blonde and even white ones are known as Italian White. It is worth checking out some of the other varieties because they are just stunning.

They Love the Sun

Sunflowers get their name because they adore the sun. The official word is heliotropism, and this means that sunflowers actively follow the sun. If you ever spend a day, watching a group of sunflowers, you will be amazed to discover they have all changed position throughout the day as they turn to face wherever the sun is pointing. So, not only do they look like sunbursts, but they also worship the sun.

You Can Eat the Seeds

If you have ever looked down the healthy snack aisle of your supermarket, you may have come across sunflower seeds as one of the options. Most people don’t give it much thought, but yes, these are what they sound like: seeds from sunflowers. They have been used as a healthy, handy snack since 2100 BC, so they are definitely no new food craze, but they are a great healthy snack as they are packed full of vitamins, so maybe pop some in your basket next time you are out shopping.

They Can Grow Really Big

Send Sunflowers in LondonThe record for the tallest sunflower is held by a German man, who managed to grow a sunflower to 30ft! That is super, super big. Most sunflowers don’t grow that large, but even the less ambitious ones can comfortably grow up to 6ft without much effort. It is part of why they make such great garden flowers because they do make an impression. But they are just as effective in a flower delivery too.

They Eat Up Toxins

Aside from looking beautiful, sunflowers are also really good for the planet. They eat up toxins and radiation like no one’s business and were even planted in response to nuclear disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima to help absorb the radiation. They are impressive flowers, so if you fancy bringing some sunny joy into your home, why not add a bouquet to your basket when you visit the florist.