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How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers for Every Personality

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How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers for Every Personality
13Feb 2020

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Valentine’s Day is considered the most romantic day of the year and is a date that commands great consideration. Having the right flowers delivered or choosing the perfect flower bouquets to gift in person can be tricky, even when you have been in a relationship for quite some time. Discover how to choose Valentine’s Day flowers from your local florist that suit your partner’s personality and enjoy seeing the one you love grin from ear to ear when they receive their personalised flower delivery.

The true romantic

If your partner is a traditional type of gal or guy, you probably don’t want to deviate too much from flowers that are normally associated with declarations of love. This means roses, roses and more roses. Make the day extra special by not only gifting your other half with one bouquet of the beautiful blooms but organise it so that he or she receives several flower arrangements throughout the day. Remember, even if your partner is a traditionalist when it comes to romantic flowers, you don’t always have to send red roses, and white roses are an especially elegant gift that shows just how much you care.

The one that is always happy

When you are lucky enough to be dating or married to a laid-back individual who is always smiling then the daisy is the flower you will want to gift this Valentine’s Day. Signifying innocence, fun and purity, daisies look so pretty as the only flowers in a huge bouquet or when accompanying other flowers in an arrangement.

The fuss-free love of your life

Should your partner not be outwardly bothered about Valentine’s Day, but you know they would secretly love for you to send a beautiful bouquet, consider tulips. These flowers are fun, care-free but also romantic and as they bloom in cold as well as warm weather, are perfect for this time of year.

flowers by post onlineThe quirky one

Quirky dates are always such fun to buy for as you can get creative with the flowers you buy. Poppies are a wonderful flower, and a bouquet of these stunning blooms will be both quirky and romantic. If you want to send the message of pure joy, a bouquet of huge-headed sunflowers is certain to bring a smile to the face of the one you love. Sunflowers are said to symbolise loyalty and are therefore the perfect choice when conveying how much somebody means to you.

Flowers for a pet lover

You may not be aware, but many flowers are toxic to cats and dogs and can cause serious harm and even death if they are brought into a household with pets. Avoid making Valentine’s memorable for all the wrong reasons by choosing flowers that are pet-friendly as well as beautiful. Snapdragons are a stunning choice as are Phalaenopsis Orchids and the Peruvian lily. These elegant flowers are romantic and pretty and, best of all, they will not harm your loved one’s pets. When buying flowers for someone with a pet, always check with the florist that the ones you are considering are safe to have in-home with pets.

A bouquet for an exotic beauty

Should your partner be elegant, refined and sometimes aloof, then orchids are the perfect match. Signifying strength, love, beauty and luxury, the orchid is the flower of choice for someone who deserves something extra special. These flowers also say a lot about the giver as they could be perceived as the complete opposite of the romantic rose. Should you want to impress your date with a bouquet that is left of centre, orchids are the way to go.