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Popular Wedding Flowers for January

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Popular Wedding Flowers for January
15Jan 2020

flowers delivered weddingPopular Wedding Flowers for January

Winter weddings are wonderful and can also be much cheaper than spring or summer nuptials. One of the best months for a budget wedding in January. This month is usually seen as a bit of a gloomy month after all the celebrations of the festive season. However, if you choose this month in which to wed, you can bring some much-needed joy to the lives of your lucky guests. But what about flowers? Will the flowers delivered for your wedding be up to the same standard as those flowers that are available in the winter months? Can a florist meet your expectations in January? Let us help ease your worries with our fantastic guide to popular wedding flowers in January. Discover how many wonderful flowers are available at your local flower shop during January and how you can choose the perfect blooms for your winter wedding.


The beautiful bulbous head of the ranunculus makes for the perfect romantic bridal bouquet and flower arrangements. These stunning blooms can be delivered in January having been grown in the UK during the winter months. Ranunculus grow from January until May, and so are popular for both winter and spring weddings. The translation of the Latin name for the flower is “Little frog”, which is thought to have stemmed from the fact Ranunculus are usually found growing near water. Similar in many respects to the rose, this flower is available in red, white, orange, yellow and pink. With so many colours available, the ranunculus is suitable for all manner of colour schemes, and bridal flower bouquets so January couples needn’t feel restricted.


The pretty carnation is the birth flower of January and is also a popular choice of wedding flower. As an inexpensive flower, it can be used in abundance throughout the venue. White carnations are particularly popular for a clean, elegant look. For a less traditional aesthetic, choose to carry a colourful bouquet of carnations in assorted hues.


In Amsterdam, the Tulip is celebrated specifically on 21st January, making it an ideal choice for January weddings. Tulips are associated with the concept of perfect love and have long been known as a romantic alternative to the traditional rose. Tulips are available in many different colours, including yellow, red and pink. The red tulip is associated with passionate love, and yellow tulips are seen as cheerful flowers. However yellow flowers were once associated with hopeless love, and therefore are not always a recommended choice for weddings.

beautiful winter bridal bouquetsRoses

Large-headed roses are wonderful for creating beautiful and huge bridal bouquets and are considered the most romantic of all flowers. January weddings present a great opportunity to use colours that contrast with the white and greys associated with this time of year. For this reason, deep red roses are best, teamed with lush green leaves. If red is not your colour, choose the simplicity of white roses and accompany them with the colours you most enjoy.

Calla Lilies

White calla lilies, like roses, are a very popular choice for wedding flowers. The calla lily will never fall out of fashion and is widely available in January. More mature brides tend to favour these lilies, but there is a growing trend for younger brides to choose this elegant flower. These flowers not only look incredible in the bridal bouquet but are sensational table centrepieces too.

Pussy Willows

The fuzzy-nubbed flower makes for excellent filler in larger bouquets. Pussy willows can be used alone for bridesmaids’ bouquets for a rustic twist. Tie with a simple ribbon or wrap tightly in a thick band of twine.