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What to Write in Your Christmas Flowers Card

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What to Write in Your Christmas Flowers Card
11Dec 2019

cheap-flowers-for-herWhat to Write in Your Christmas Flowers Card

Having flowers delivered to the ones you love is a fantastic idea for a thoughtful Christmas gift. You may want to surprise your other half with a stunning bouquet of winter roses. Perhaps you are unable to invite at your home certain relatives and you plan to send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers just in time for Christmas? Whoever you want to treat to a stunning festive flower arrangement, what you write in the card can be the ultimate finishing touch. If you are stuck for words, or you just want to get it right, let us help you. Discover what to write in your Christmas flowers card this season and send some floral love to your friends and family.

Romantic Flower Bouquets

When you have been in a couple for some time, it can become all too easy to write any old message on a gift. Revive the romance with a heartfelt message sent alongside with your partner’s favourite blooms. If you are feeling creative, write a short poem about how you feel. You can also borrow a few lines from an established love poet. Another very romantic way to pledge your love is via your loved one’s favourite song. Choose a few significant lyrics that will be recognised and show how much you care. Many online florists allow only a few lines per card, so choose just the lines that mean the most.

Flowers for Friends

Choosing flowers for friends can be so much fun. Gifting flowers allows you to select flowers that reflect their personality, and as their friend, you are the person who knows them best. Sunflowers are great for bubbly friends with a sunny disposition, and an elegant bouquet of pale pink roses are perfect for more reserved friends. Yet, if you want to fully embrace the colours of the festive season, go all out with red and yellow flowers, finished off with silver or gold accessories. Choosing flowers for friends can be simple, but finding the right words to put on the card may prove a little trickier. Christmas is the ideal time to tell your friends how much you care about them, but it is also a great time to inject a little fun into your message. Perhaps include a quote from your favourite Christmas film to remind your friend of fun times you have shared. Even a few lines from a Christmas carol or song can be enough to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Flowers for Family

No other holiday brings together families like Christmas. Use this time to send a message of love to family members near and far. With family you can be straight to the point, and use your message to say “I love you” or “I miss you”. If you haven’t seen a member of your family for some time, let it be known that you would like to meet up soon. Use the message card to begin arranging a meet-up saying, “it would be great to meet up very soon”, or “I’d love to have you stay at mine for a visit”. A relative may have wanted to come and see you but was waiting for an invitation. Make this the time you invite them to stay. If you have not spoken to a family member for some time because of a rift or argument, use flowers and a message to reach out to them this Christmas.